Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Action-Oriented Listener

                Before completing the listening style quiz on page 165 of the textbook I was pretty certain that I would be an action oriented listener. I had this hypothesis based on the definition that I found in the book during my reading. After I took the quiz I was not surprised to find out that I scored four check marks in the action oriented listener section. I would say that an action oriented listener is someone that is looking to what the person is saying specifically to warrant an action as a response.  Action oriented listeners tend to be annoyed with people who are all over the place when talking and cannot reach a conclusion in a timely manner.
                I can think of a few instances in which I have utilized my action oriented listening style. Last summer I was innocently walking into my house after work when the elderly neighbor lady caught up with me in the drive. Long story short, I stood there for thirty minutes while she continued to tell me story after story without losing a breath.  Her story was both disorganized and long winded and I was thoroughly annoyed. I just wanted to figure out something to say that I could put an end to the conversation. It is hard to converse with people that who have no concept of time and a different style of listening than that of mine.  Another instance that I use action oriented listening is in arguments with my fiancé.
                Before I go into the cost and benefit analysis of my listening style I would like to use the book as an application to the definition of action oriented listener. Action oriented listener want brief, to the point, and accurate messages from others-information they can then use to make decisions or initiate courses of action (Textbook.) To describe the benefits and costs of action oriented listeners I want to use my fiancé conversations as an example. My fiancé is more of a people oriented listener, so she tends to get into the emotional connection in listening. A major drawback of being an action oriented listener is often times I try to think of what I am going to say next or what action I can do as a result of what the other person is saying. A benefit to being an action oriented listener is that I often times have something to say back to someone and am also able to reach responses of action.  My fiancé and I usually run into problems because she tends to be a people oriented listener and she tries to reach the emotional reasons for the problem while I am looking for an action that can fix the problem. Overall I am satisfied that I am an action oriented listener.

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